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Welcome to Edmonton West Animal Hospital's online store!

We are pleased to offer the convenience of shopping for your pet online! Our affordable store contains all of the veterinary grade diets that we carry in-clinic, as well as hundreds of other items to keep your pet happy and healthy. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all trying to do our part in minimizing the spread and keeping each other safe, and the ability to browse, purchase and receive your products all from the comfort of your own home is becoming not only convenient, but socially responsible. Not only does our online store have competetive pricing, it also allows you to:


• shop and place your order 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week - you are no longer restricted by our clinic hours

• decrease your wait time on our phone lines, as we are currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes

• pick up your order from our clinic free of cost, or have it shipped directly to your house for a nominal fee

• free shipping on orders over $150

• set up an "auto-order" function so that you can have your pet's food automatically ordered and shipped in a specified time frame


You must register to be able to place orders and view prices. To do this, simply click on "my account" at the top of this page, and then "register". Once your registration has been processed, please login at the top with the username and password you have chosen, and you will be free to browse, shop and order everything your furry family member wants! 


*please note, online prices may vary slightly from our in-clinic prices